Dear Northwest Sertoma Club

Thank you for your generous contribution and support.  Your contribution will allow us to provide 12 apprecation wallets to wounded soldiers.  I have enclosed a letter that we received that you may wish to share with your members.  Your contribution will assist these deserving wounded heroes in their healing process. I look forward to attending one of your club meetings and sharing more stories and thank you in person.

Thanks again - your club is a blessing.

Judy Pierce - Founder
Heroes Night Out


Dear Northwest Sertoma Club

On behalf of the childern, staff, and Board of Directors of The Settlement Home for Children, we appreciate your generous donation of toys for our Foster Family Program.  Your selection of these gifts will provide our children with many hours of fun and enjoyment.  It is because of the support and kindenss of our community friends that we are albe to continue in our work to help these children.  Thank you again for making this donation possible.

May the true spirit fo the Holidays bring you much peace and happiness throughout this New Year.


Linda Addicks Kokemor, MAHS
Executive Director
The Settlement Home for Children


Dear Northwest Sertoma Club

On behalf of everyone involved at The Care Communities, please accept my thanks to SERTOMA's generous donation for two specific Care Partners. Your support helps us to continue providing much needed practical and compassionate care for people living with AIDS, cancer or other serious illnesses.  In 2009 we expect to provide over 18,000 days of service to more than 95 Care Partners.  Through the efforts of our 375 wonderful volunteers, we are ensuring that our Care Partners do not face their illness alone.

Thank you for joining us to help those who so desperately need our assistance.  We are thrilled to have SERTOMA as a partner on our mission.

With care unconditionally,

Carol Johnson
Executive Director
The Care Communities


Dear Northwest Sertoma Club

On behalf of UT for REED and the Mali Signs Project Teams, we would like to thank you and the Sertoma team for your generous support of our project.  In August, four of our members flew to Bamako, Mali to host a national conference at their largest school for the deaf.  Almost 100 student and community leaders participated in a week-long conference where they discussed disease prevention, learned about video production, and filmed skits in local sign languages to teach their peers about the health issues discussed at the conference.

Of the eight schools for the deaf in Mali, seven were represented at the conference, including the school in Goundam (west of Tombouctou).  Groups from Niamakoro, Hippodrome, Koutaila, and Goundam recevied cameras, laptops, and production equipment necessary to continue the project in their respective schools.  Through the DVDs created at the conference, health messages can be accessed by the roughly 1,000 students affiliated with the deaf school system.  We also hope to reach thousands more through the deaf associations.

This would not have been possible without Sertoma's support.  Your contribution sponsored four REED team members and the almost 100 Malian participants to travel to Bamako for the conference.  It also sponsoered a full week of meals and housing (including mosquito nets!) for all participants.  After over a year and a half of planning, an intense summer of linguistic and technological training, and solving a litany of logistical puzzles, it was support like yours that gave us the final means by which to make our plans a reality.  Thank you for having faith in our project and us.

Again, we genuinely thank you for your support and  your work.


The Mali Signs Project Team

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