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Sertoma hosts 30+ kids from the Settlement Home at IHOP on 7/30/12. A magician's performance, lunch and a drawing competition delighted the children.....Northwest Sertoma in action!
SERTOMA - SERvice TO MAnkind

Sertoma, formerly Sertoma International, is a hundred year old international organization whose stated main mission over the years has been toward helping the hearing impaired, much as the Lions Clubs aid the visually impaired.

Since our formation in 1971 the Northwest Sertoma Club of Austin has dedicated its energy and finances toward the support of the hearing impaired children of A.I.S.D. We have provided treatment for children whose families have too much income to qualify for tax-funded aid programs, but not enough income to pay for extended treatment of their children's hearing problems - the hard-working family who tries but just can't make it, and falls throught the cracks in our welfare programs. For many years that mission absorbed all the funds we were able to raise.

In recent years many of our patients were able to qualify for the state funded CHIP Program [Children's Health Insurance Program] and we have been able to expand our services to other needy areas.

The SHARP Program [Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycling Program]. The University of Texas at Austin Speech and Hearing Center provides hearing evaluations and reconditioned hearing aids to qualified low income families for a modest fee. Our club covers the cost of reconditioning these hearing aids.

We provide financial assistance and gifts to the residents of the Settlement Home for neglected and abused children and host an annual on-site picnic for the residents and foster parents.

We give on-going financial assistance to two familes at Care Communities that are suffering with cancer or AIDS.

We provide gift cards to the Heroes Night Out program so that wounded veterans who often spend months in treatment and rehabilitation are able to take their wives out for a meal and entertainment during their extended stay at the hospital.

We evaluate other opportunities to serve as our finances permit.


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